Marketing and Communications

The office of Marketing and Communications provides integrated, customer-focused marketing and communication services to EduCo, the owned and operated institutions and the partner institutions. We provide a range of services to support the company and institutions in ensuring that business and marketing objectives are met, brand guides are followed and communications continue to reflect best practice.


Marketing communication

We design our communication materials with the target audience in mind; we believe that a clear message which addresses their needs is the key to an effective campaign.

Services provided:

  • marketing communication plan development
  • press releases
  • email marketing
  • copywriting
  • brand development

Marketing collateral

Brand identity is also communicated visually. We strive to support the recruitment team with the marketing tools that they need to reach their targets. We collaborate with the company owned institutions in the development of the marketing collaterals.

Services provided:

  • event package designs (flyers, banners, invites, posters, event backdrops, etc.)
  • institution study guides and brochures
  • business cards
  • presentation templates.

Brand and style guides

A style and editorial manual is the reference we adhere to for the alignment and consistency in the design application of the brand assets and tone of voice. Communicating with one universal set of style is necessary for brand to articulate and maintain a sense of integrity, and build trust in the minds of the audience.

The marketing and communications team is available for consultation when in doubt.

Services provided:

  • design consultation on logo usage, colour palette, typography, etc.
  • templates
  • editorial assistance.

Digital marketing

Digital marketing and communication include all online promotion and engagement activities such as content marketing, social media, digital advertising, search engine optimisation (SEO), mobile marketing and app development.

Services we provide:

  • Google Adwords campaigns (set up and consultation)
  • social media campaigns (set up and consultation)
  • email marketing campaigns (set up and consultation)
  • e-newsletter development
  • digital advertising
  • content and mobile marketing.

Social media marketing

Building your brand's social presence requires stakeholder engagement through conversations, connections and shares. We work with you to help provide direction and focus in your social media activities, helping turn students and other stakeholders to brand advocates.

Some of the services we provide:

  • social media strategy development
  • social media monitoring and reporting
  • social media advertising
  • content development for social media platforms.

Web development

We provide an in-house web development service for all EduCo-owned and operated institutions.

We believe that your web presence should reflect your brand's personality, and the web design meets the business and marketing objectives. We strive to provide an easy to maintain website by using WordPress as the Content Management System (CMS). Combining design and technical expertise, we deliver web solutions focused on usability and accessibility to enhance the overall user experience.